Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay?
Bark Around Boston, LLC utilizes invoicing services from Pet Pocketbook, a secure payment processor. Invoices are emailed on the Monday following the provided service. You may pay with cash, check, Venmo, ACH, or Credit Card.
What supplies do I need to provide?

Your dog of course! Along with a collar and harness, training tools that your dog is familia with, and their food! We welcome dogs on a raw diet and have freezers exclusively for them as well.

What tools do you use on my dog?
Bark Around Boston, LLC will never use any training tools outside of what is provided without your consent. We pride ourselves on acting as a resource to aid in the relationship between you and your dog, and if we feel that additional tools may be helpful, then we will communicate this to you beforehand. We typically carry samples for you to experiment with at your leisure and are quite fond of the Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds Design.
Does my dog have to walk perfect on a leash?
Of course not! We recognize that dogs come from different backgrounds and have different levels of training. We will aid you in assisting your pet to behave better while on leash and guide you through tool and training recommendations as needed.
My dog struggles meeting new dogs/people. Can he participate?

Of course! We enthusiastically welcome shy and reactive dogs into our program either with individualized visits or customized groups that can meet your dog`s needs. We want al pups in our care to be as comfortable as possible while they build new skills and confidence in our care.

My dog is very rambunctious/lazy or has medical needs. Can he participate?

Of course! During our initial meet and greet, we will consider your pet`s individualized needs and idiosyncrasies as we make a plan to welcome them aboard safely.

I have a bully breed dog. Can he participate?
Of course! Your pup will receive the same behavioral evaluation provided to every other dog, and we will make the same recommendations based on temperament and behavior as we would with a dog of any other breed.
What is FUSION dog care?

Our fusion based approach to dog care focuses on the REAL LIFE aspects of how dogs interact with their environment. It blends our job as a service provider with our main program goals of foundational behavioral skills (sit, stay, recall, loose leash, drop it, etc.) and helps you and your dog to be successful in everyday life.

My dog is aggressive or reactive, can he participate?

We understand that all dogs don`t have perfect social skills for a variety of reasons. If your dog has already completed a program for aggression/reactivity, we will work with your trainer to maintain those investments and results. If your dog has human aggression, we will discuss their behavior over the phone and determine if our 2 layer safety protocol will be a match for your set-up. In most cases, a successful and safe relationship can be built with proper education and expectations.